LUCHA VaVOOM – Part 2: Caina vs Chupacabra - (Los Angeles – Cinco de Mayo 2011) | ENGLISH VERSION

Before the summer break we had presented you the reports of our Los Angeles Bizarre Tour, but we was still missing one piece to finish the job: the last part of the story of our intrusion into the mad world of Lucha Vavoom show during the last Cinco de Mayo.

Do you remember what the Lucha Vavoom is??? No ???!!!
I'll remember you ...

We was hopelessly enthralled by the Little Chicken, intoxicated with love and ready to a Sexo! But in this second part we will be forced to defend ourselves from Violencia of the most dangerous and malicious luchadores throughout the West Coast: El Chupacabra! But we'll tell you everything here below, let's start again! LUCHAAA! VAVOOMMM!

Here we have the flaming "buxotica" Kitten DeVille, the perfect combination between Sex & RocknRoll! 

A sweeping dance in which the DeVille seems literally to burn, makes the atmosphere very demonic! Run to see the video but be careful to not burn yourself!


Still drunk of Sexo we do not realize that an unhealthy Violencia is about to fall on the Mayan Theater ... monstrous sounds burst into the room and a beast arrive onstage ...

The "goat sucker", the "pigs ripper", the terror of all Latin America ... here it is ... El Chupacabra has taken possession of the ring! Ugly, dirty and nasty! A Beast in Heat ready to gut the entire audience! Silence falls and rises on the terror! 

Oh my God ... now who will defend us from this foul beast?? There needs for strong luchadores, males and roaring ... and who you get on stage? El Bombero, professional firefighter, the most loved luchadores by California girls! 

And EL SICODELICO Jr., most devoted to the psychedelic culture!

To defend us against an animal hungry for blood as El Chupacabra is, has been thrown into the ring a Cucadores Latino and a Psycho Hippy! 

Frankly they don't seem strong enough to beat el Chupacabra! 

El Bombero has carefully designed an especially protection for its "back" integrity, with a big cap!

The fighting is a continuous and repeated Violencia from el Chupa to the poor luchadores! Caina wants to help the two unfortunate!!!
Preamble: California girls running around all city with shorts or miniskirts! No matter if you are thin, fat, high, low, dwarf, huge! The female legs are constantly in the open air! So miniskirt for Caina too! The beast begins to stare this italian female thighs and become distracted! And that's what he wanted!  

The horny beast turns on and climbs on the ring, beginning a perverse love ritual of the Chupacabra! Caina slyly winks in the front row ... 

What happened will always be immortalized in this video of candyfeet ( please note that Caina is sitting pretty in the front row on the right ... 

While Caina circled the howling beast, our "heroes" threw him downstairs, just on the front rows, creating a lot of panic! The fight then moved outside the ring, involving spectators, referees, photographers, women, men, animals and beasts! A mega orgy-vavoomVavoom! Here is a photo taken a few inches away from a fight! We can really say: "we was there"! 

This was the only way to defeat El Chupacabra, which disappointed in love, once back in the ring, was tame and easily shot down!


And after that dose of ultra-Violencia the show can only end with more engaging Sexo! Ladies and gentlemen we present a stunning pole-dance artist: Leigh Acosta! 

Never in our lives we have seen that sensuality and perfection in amorous relationships between a girl and a pole! Each type of position is guaranteed!

Front and back! 

Upside down!!!


Until the surprising position of "hands off", almost absurd! In Los Angeles is still working the law of gravity?? 

Here's an incredible video ... we turn a healthy envy ... to the pole! 

Well, the show draws to a close, in a wild dance ... 

where we find all the protagonists of the beautiful evening! The buxoticas and luchadores! And we throw ourselves in the middle! 

And we find again the beautiful bird, the lovely chicken! But Caina must realize sadly that is not the only admirer of the little bird: a row of girls wiggles in front of him!

So what can we do?? To drown the disappointment into delicious food! Spicy sausage for all!!!

It ends with our Los Angeles bizarre reportage. In 4 episodes we have described the marvels that we have find in the "City of Angels"! But it will not end here ... we have too many things to discover in L.A. !


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